A 100% Boarding School

Le Rosey is a boarding school and its community life is based on this. Rosey students are very united and acquire a spirit of openness thanks to their contact with fellow students and teachers from all over the world.


The spirit pervading the school and the solid friendships formed here have given Le Rosey a unique atmosphere for 135 years. Discipline is governed by a clear and complete set of Codes which are explained to the students at length. These Codes are based on Rosey’s values and our way of life. Le Rosey is a demanding school, but the doors of the school’s directors are always open so as to guarantee an ongoing dialogue. Rosey students remain attached to their school long after their departure. Occasionally they cry when they arrive as it is hard for them to leave their family, but rare are those who do not very quickly feel like Rosey students. And almost all shed a few tears on the day of their departure….


•  Codes
•  Junior Codes
•  Weekend Invitation Form

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