A Rich History

Five generations of directors –who have always been the owners of Le Rosey— have continuously striven to enhance a unique educational institution providing students with an international education


Rosey’s alumni have created a powerful and effective association whose members hail from many backgrounds with several of them leaving their mark on the history of the 20th century.


Despite Le Rosey’s attachment to its traditions, discipline and educational standards, the school has always been innovative and at the forefront of many pedagogical advances, especially in the areas of language teaching, biculturalism, personal development, the integration of sports and arts in daily life, motivation and the place of values in education.

Paul Carnal

A strong character, committed to education, Paul Carnal buys an attractive but run-down manorial estate where he founds Le Rosey in 1880.

Henri Carnal

With his American wife, Henri takes over from his father in 1912; both educational visionaries, they create Le Rosey’s reputation and attract students from all over the world.


Henri Carnal establishes a winter campus in the mountains where, from 1916 onwards, Le Rosey will spend its winters from January to March.

Ice Hockey

Sport is an essential feature of school life and Le Rosey becomes Swiss champion in 1921, 1924 and 1925.

Old Rosey Association

In 1922, former pupils create an “Old Boys’” (or anciens’) Association, destined to become the powerful AIAR.

World War II

Henri Carnal is determined that Le Rosey should keep its doors open whatever the cost and thus be ready to welcome students of all peoples and cultures at the end of hostilities

Louis Johannot and Helen Schaub

The third generation of owner-directors takes over in 1946. They modernise the campuses, strengthen academics and raise Le Rosey to the ranks of the world’s leading boarding schools.

Rowing championship

Le Rosey wins the Swiss rowing championship in 1951 and 1953.


Dismay amongst the anciens! Le Rosey opens its gates to girls; a decision that turns out to be a great success.

La Combe

Founded just a few hundred meters away from Le Rosey by the same family also in 1880, the neighbouring girls’ school finally becomes part of Le Rosey and its girls' campus in 1975.

Anne and Philippe Gudin

The fourth generation takes over at the helm in Le Rosey’s 100th year and leads the school towards the 21st century. Academics are completely overhauled, facilities improved, holistic education principles are developed. Le Rosey continues its pursuit of excellence.

Paul & Henri Carnal Hall

Named in honour of the school’s founders, Le Rosey opens an exceptional building at the service of the arts, culture and communication.

Christophe Gudin

An ancien roséen himself and profoundly attached to the school, Christophe Gudin becomes the fifth Director-General in 2015; his aim is to combine respect for tradition with the advances needed to prepare Roséens for the extraordinary challenges of a rapidly changing world.
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