Student Safety & Wellbeing


Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world and its network of doctors and hospitals is excellent. The Rosey campuses are located in quiet areas in the school’s picturesque estates in the area surrounding the small town of Rolle, or in the very secure village of Gstaad in the mountains. Furthermore, there are guards who monitor the safety of Rosey students day and night.

The health of Rosey students is ensured by a team of five health assistants who live on the campus and manage two nursing offices to care for minor healthcare issues, arrange doctors’ appointments and manage medication. A number of qualified and trusted doctors, dentists and orthodontists live a few minutes from the school, both in Rolle and Gstaad.


The hospitals in Rolle and the Saanenland are a few minutes away for emergency consultations and X-rays. In the most serious of cases, the University Hospitals in Lausanne or Geneva are 30 kilometres from Rolle, and the Bern University Hospital is a few minutes from Gstaad by helicopter.


The menus, ingredients and the care taken to prepare meals, the important role of daily sport, the presence of families of teachers in all the boarding houses, the winter spent in the mountains and the balanced life in the country all serve to maintain the good health of Rosey students.

Rolle Campus
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