The “Cadets” (classes 5 and 4)

suisse Classes 1ère and 2ème C.O.  •  usa Grades 7-8  •  uk  Years 8-9  suisse 5ème and 4ème

Students receive an in-depth academic education, but without excessive homework or teaching hours. Classes, which students choose to take in either French or English, form a well-balanced academic unit.


Bilingualism is omnipresent: one class, at the very least, is taken in the student’s second language. Complete beginners in one of these languages take a “French & Humanities” or “English & Humanities” class. A third language – whether this is a mother tongue or foreign language – is obligatory, and students can choose to take a fourth language.

Teaching methods combine tradition and innovation, we aim to address the key contemporary issues by tackling a different theme each term, using the different lenses provided by each subject of the bilingual programme. The “Entry and Exit Points” are enlivened by special days with visits, presentations and events which involve all cadets and their teachers.


At the end of their time as Cadets, all students, using multimedia tools, present an interdisciplinary group project which they defend in front of their classmates, teachers and general management. The teachers supervising these projects ensure students acquire good working practices and gradual intellectual autonomy.


All Cadets must also deal with a subject of their choice in depth using differentiated homework assignments or projects demanding greater reflection, explanations and individual debates with the relevant teacher.


The doyen of the Cadets, in association with the boarding school director and a personal tutor, closely monitors the work and academic results of the student on a constant basis and encourages individual learning pathways.

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