Arts, Tech, Sports, Service & Culture

Le Rosey promotes the development of all students’ talents


These extremely diverse activities include more than one hundred options, provided by professionals. Great care is taken over the quality, balance and safety of these programmes, which form a coherent whole for each Rosey student. These programmes have four cardinal points, summarised by the CASC acronym:

Creativity : arts

Theatre at Le Rosey

The world of arts unites demanding teaching and constant practice. Shows, festivals, exhibitions and external examinations allow students to set goals, measure progress and take pride in displaying their talents.

Community services

Service work at Le Rosey

Rosey students are privileged. They should share with others, offering their time, imagination and energy. Local initiatives and humanitarian trips to some of the poorest countries are part of their humanist education.

Action : sports

Winter Expeditions at Le Rosey

In the world of sport, we measure ourselves and others. From beginners to experienced competitors, everyone gets to know their body better and benefits from team spirit. Le Rosey participates in all inter-school competitions and requires its students to participate in expedition programmes, where students push themselves to the limit.


Rosey Concert Hall

Adolescents almost automatically come to know the culture of their time, especially its music. It is Rosey’s responsibility to widen their cultural horizons by offering shows, trips, lectures, debates, and opportunities to learn more about various fields, from opera to the culinary arts, from politics to Shakespearian theatre.

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