Who’s who


General Director Mr Christophe Gudin mail
Headmaster Mr Michael Gray mail
Director of Academic Structure Mr Henri-François Vellut mail




Director of Admissions Mr Jacques Bounin mail

Associate Director of Admissions Mrs Nathalie Eynard mail ; Mr Christopher Bouladon mail



Deans of Studies

Dean for classes 6, 7, 8 and 9 Juniors Mrs Joannah Spencer mail

Dean for classes 4 and 5 Cadets Mrs Florence Conraux mail

Dean for classes 2 and 3 Jeunes Seniors Mr Kim Kovacevic mail

Dean for classes T and I Bac français and Francophonie Mrs Laëtitia Peynon-Mudry mail

Dean for classes t and 1 International Baccalaureate Mr Tony Halsey mail

IB Coordinator Mr Steve Cranville mail

Art Director Mrs Rachel Gray mail



University Orientation

Director of guidance Mr Andrew Whyte mail
Associate Director of guidance Mrs Katrina Edmunds mail

Guidance for Swiss and French universities Mr Henri-François Vellut mail



Boarding House

Rosey Campus Mr Ed Coetzer mail ; Mrs Jacqueline Norton mail
La Combe Campus Mrs Mary Attia mail and Mrs Ariane Roux mail
Junior Campus Mr and Mrs Patrick Bacher mail




Administration, transcripts, recommendations, school certificates, meetings with teachers
Mrs Danielle Llewellyn mail



Accounting Department

Chief Accountant Mr Didier Dürrenmatt mail
For questions regarding invoices, extra expenses, individual student accounts, medical and accident insurance
Mr Marc Brondex mail



Travel Office

Trips, airline ticket reservations, visas, residence permits Mrs Lea Conca  mail



Summer Camps

Director Mr Grégory Guinot mail
Information, registration Mrs Ingrid Kasnouar mail ; Camille Fridez mail ; Mr Felipe Laurent mail