The Juniors (classes 9 to 6)

suisse Classes 6 to 8 HarmoS  usa Grades 3-6  •  uk  Years 4-7  suisse CE2 to 6ème

In the primary years, students undertake a bilingual academic programme with priority given to French in classes 8 and 9. In class 7, students may choose their first or main language.


In class 6, the first year of secondary school, students take a customised bilingual programme by selecting the working language for each class. They must take at least one class in their second language.


French and English classes are obligatory and are provided at the appropriate level for the student, from beginner to native-speaker level. Other classes are adapted to suit the linguistic level of the students who, where necessary, receive help in French and/or English. This bilingualism allows students to develop their abilities in both languages and to understand the different approaches taken by both cultures.

Studying the student’s mother tongue (other than French or English) is strongly encouraged.


The academic programme is based on the directives of French National Education for French classes and the English National Curriculum for English classes. This traditional teaching is supplemented by the IPC programme (International Primary Curriculum) which adds an international and multi-disciplinary dimension, especially during special activity days when multi-disciplinary themes for the term are launched and concluded.


The teaching team monitors each child very closely on a daily basis, helping them fully realise their potential.

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