Employment Opportunities

Stagiaire sports et internat campus Juniors

Type de contrat : Temps partiel (30 heures hebdomadaires), Durée limitée (10 mois)
Début du contrat : 1er Septembre 2018

L’Institut Le Rosey (www.rosey.ch) est un internat bilingue français-anglais offrant une éducation holistique de haute qualité à ses 400 élèves, de 8 à 18 ans, venus du monde entier.

Le campus Juniors, sis sur le campus principal de l’école, forme une petite communauté d’une cinquantaine d’enfants de 8 à 12 ans et de la dizaine de professeurs résidents qui les encadrent.

Le poste de stagiaire Juniors, interne (le stagiaire loge sur place), offre la possibilité de s’intégrer à cette communauté Juniors en participant à l’encadrement des sports et de l’internat des enfants. Il s’adresse à un/une jeune adulte responsable et dynamique, de préférence francophone, âgé/e d’au moins 20 ans, finissant des études universitaires dans le domaine de l’enseignement à des enfants et désirant acquérir une expérience professionnelle dans ce domaine.

  • La pratique de plusieurs sports, inclus un sport de ballon et le ski, ainsi que la capacité à animer des activités extra-scolaires (de préférence artistiques) sont indispensables.
  • L’expérience de l’encadrement d’enfants en vie communautaire est souhaitable.
  • La maîtrise du français est essentielle, la capacité à s’exprimer en anglais est souhaitable. La maîtrise d’autres langues est un atout.
  • La possession d’un permis de conduire valide (et d’expérience régulière de la conduite) est fortement recommandée.

Le Rosey offre :

  • Logement et repas sur place
  • Un salaire mensuel de 1000 CHF
  • Frais de transport vers et de Genève en début et fin de contrat
  • Assurance maladie et accidents
  • Utilisation des infrastructures sportives de l’école
  • Possibilité d’assister gratuitement aux spectacles du Rosey Concert Hall

Les candidat/es sont priés d’envoyer leur dossier de candidature à agudin@rosey.ch. Ce dossier doit inclure une lettre de motivation, un curriculum vitae, une photo récente et les noms de trois personnes de référence.

Date de clôture des candidatures : le 31 juillet 2018

Secrétaire administrative - Post filled
Teacher of Mathematics up to IB - Post filled
Junior Communications Officer
We are currently looking to hire someone for the Communications Department as Le Rosey’s communication needs continue to grow with the ever-growing number of projects.
The position of Junior Communications Officer consists of undertaking the following tasks:
  • Creating and updating various WordPress-based websites, SEO
  • Online monitoring of forums, articles, etc. about Le Rosey, answering where appropriate
  • Layout and in-house printing of day-to-day documents for the school, the concert hall and the camps
  • Curating and posting content on social media profiles
  • Answering general information requests received via social media
  • Ensuring proper signalling and documentation before school events
  • Creating and sending newsletters
  • Generating content with the help of other teachers for the rosey.ch/news page and uploading it
  • In charge of building and maintaining the school’s media archive server
  • Overseeing that all key events are captured, either alone or with students’/teachers’ help, or for larger events by professionals
*Please note that since this position is new, the responsibilities will evolve according to the performance of the junior communications officer. 


Applications, which should be addressed to the Director of Communications, Felipe Laurent, at flaurent@rosey.ch, must be by email and will comprise: a letter of application (in English), a CV, and the names of three referees.

Sport assistant Intern
Sport assistant intern - Post filled
Secondary Science Technician - Post filled
Professeur d'italien - Post filled
History - Post filled
Teacher of Physics to IB - Post filled
Teacher of English - Post filled
Teacher of Burmese Literature

We are looking for a part-time teacher of Burmese literature, with appropriate academic and teaching qualifications, to prepare for the Language A in the IB diploma.

Applications, which should be addressed to Mme D. Llewellyn, secretary to the Director, at job@rosey.ch, must be by email and comprise:

  • A letter of application
  • A CV
  • A recent photo
  • The names of three referees.

Applying for teaching posts at Le Rosey

Le Rosey employs nearly a hundred full- and part-time academic, music and sports teachers, about half of whom are full-time academic teachers on English-speaking programmes. Teachers come from across the world, and it is school policy to maintain a mix of nationalities and approaches to match the bilingual and international character of the school. The majority are from the UK, but many other nations are represented, especially the USA and Australia. Le Rosey also employs an important number of French-speaking teachers recruited from France, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium. The teaching faculty is also enormously enriched by native-speaker language and literature teachers from across the world who teach a remarkably high number of foreign language classes, many of them as IB A literature courses.

Important considerations for all applicants

Le Rosey is a bilingual (English and French) international boarding school with a strong commitment to excellence. The school is not a British boarding school on the continent, an American prep school in Europe or a Lycée français à l’étranger avec internat – and, although it may have elements of all of these, Le Rosey has a strong and distinctive character of its own. Le Rosey expects all candidates to be appropriately qualified, with at least a first degree and a teaching qualification. Relevant teaching experience is of course desirable and we particularly welcome:

  • knowledge and experience of the International Baccalaureate (preferably with IB training)
  • experience of international education
  • a working knowledge of French
  • experience of and/or a commitment to boarding
  • a commitment to holistic educational principles
  • evidence of energy and adaptability – this in a school which changes campus twice in the course of a year.


Non-European applications

To our great regret, changes to Swiss law have made it extremely difficult for international schools like Le Rosey to obtain work permits for non-EU citizens. For this reason, applicants without EU passports or Swiss work permits are advised that this greatly reduces their chances of being put on a short list. We will, nevertheless, consider all such applications seriously; and if the nature of the post and the quality of the application make us optimistic about the outcome of what can be a long administrative process, we are ready to undertake it.

Recruitment procedures

Vacant posts are advertised on this website, in the local press, the Times Educational Supplement (or TES) in the UK www.tes.co.uk, and on the Council of International Schools website www.cois.org.


All applications for advertised posts should be sent by email to the address indicated in the advertisement and/or to the Secretary to the General Director email :  job@rosey.ch.

All applications are acknowledged, but candidates who hear nothing further within the following three weeks should assume that their application has been unsuccessful. Those candidates who are placed on the first short list are sent further details, outlining the nature of the post and conditions of work. Candidates whom we decide to interview are contacted by telephone and/or email. Interviews usually take place in the UK or Switzerland.   All successful candidates are interviewed in Switzerland at least once before appointment. Travel expenses to Switzerland from within Europe are automatically and fully reimbursed. We have occasionally interviewed outstanding candidates in the USA and in the Far and Middle East, but applicants from outside Europe are advised that it is not usually practicable to interview them unless they are willing to undertake and at least partly fund the journey to Europe. We recommend such candidates to indicate in their applications whether and when they are able to travel to the UK or mainland Europe.


Applications (which should always be by email : job@rosey.ch) should comprise:

  • a letter of application, indicating candidate’s educational philosophy
  • a complete Curriculum Vitae (including details of all employment, educational qualifications, as well as personal details such as age and family circumstances which may be important for residential considerations
  • a recent photo
  • the names, addresses and relation to the candidate of three referees.


All applications will be treated in confidence.

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection (www.icmec.org/education-portal), Le Rosey holds itself  to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection; background checks are carried out, and any candidate eventually appointed will also be expected to provide evidence of his or her suitability for work with children.


Unsolicited and speculative applications

Le Rosey welcomes applications at any time of the year. They are passed on to the appropriate Director of Studies who files those of interest. Applicants may be contacted if there is a possibility of future openings, but this is rare, although it is standard procedure to send acknowledgement of receipt.