The “Jeunes Seniors” (classes 3 and 2)

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The Pre-Bac programme

  • prepares students for French bac and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses by offering them a wide range of subjects at an appropriate level
  • develops bilingualism and French-English biculturalism
  • prepares students for independence and helps them to make the best academic and personal choices
  • develops skills and methods which are useful for the baccalaureate programmes, especially those known as “21st century skills”: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration
  • promotes and develops qualities defined in the Common Knowledge and Skills Base (established by French National Education) and the Learner Profile for the International Baccalaureate.


This is a two-year programme although each year is a standalone year and it is possible to join in the second year.


Le Rosey, a bilingual school, intends that its students master French and English. As soon as they are able, students must study at least one subject in their second language. Learning a third language – whether this is a native or foreign language – is obligatory, and students can choose to take a fourth language.

Learning Centre

Subjects taught in French are based on the programmes of French National Education; those in English are based on the syllabuses of the University of Cambridge (IGCSE examinations).

In order to facilitate entry into the examination classes (1 and T), the academic curriculum is supplemented by:


  • Numerous information and orientation sessions, in collaboration with the academic advisers
  • Guidance on research methodology and techniques
  • Interdisciplinary tasks and cross-disciplinary topics.
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