The Seniors (classes 1 and T)

suisse Classes 2ème and 3ème année de gymnase  •  usa Grades 11-12  •  uk  Years 12-13  suisse 1ère and terminale

Students choose one of two academic tracks at Le Rosey:  The IB (or International Baccalaureate) or the French baccalauréat.

1. International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

The IB programme offers rigorous academic training and develops all the student’s abilities. It encourages a spirit of independence and promotes respect for the very diverse cultural roots of Rosey students.

It is selected at the end of class 2 and requires good written and oral mastery of English or French.


Candidates must choose a discipline from each of the six areas of study offered: three of the six subjects are freely chosen at Higher Level (HL); the other three subjects are chosen at the Standard Level (SL).  A seventh subject may, as an exception, be added. A separate certificate is awarded for this subject.

The features of the IB

  • All the subjects are offered in English and a more limited number are offered in French. The majority of subjects are offered at Higher and Standard levels. The candidate may take all subjects in one language or may distribute them among the two languages. This is recognized by the award of a bilingual IB diploma.


  • Theory of Knowledge, in French or in English, is obligatory. This develops a philosophical mindset, critical thinking regarding the knowledge acquired at school, and beyond the world of school, an ability to analyse the cultural traditions of various peoples.


  • The Extended Essay is an original piece of work produced by the student which allows them to go into greater depth with a topic in one of the subjects that interests them. A teacher is selected as an adviser.
  • CAS offers a considerable number of choices in the fields of artistic creativity, sports and acts of solidarity for 4 to 8 hours per week, as well as participation in several mountain expeditions over the weekend (at least three per year).

2. French Baccalaureate

The French Baccalaureate offers comprehensive intellectual training, several languages, rigorous thought and regular sports practice. It is selected at the end of class 2 and requires a good command of written and spoken French.

Three séries to choose from: L literary, ES economic and social, S scientific

All candidates study a wide range of subjects: French, two other languages, mathematics and sciences, history and geography, philosophy and physical and sports education. Students may also choose to study one or two additional subjects.


Candidates go into further depth in their study of the principal subjects in the série selected



Specialities, options and supervised personal projects


In their final year, candidates choose a speciality subject. Teaching in this subject and its importance in the exam are increased (specific teaching begins in class 1 for maths ES or L, chosen as a speciality).


Candidates are also encouraged to choose one or more additional optional subjects: a fourth or fifth language, visual arts or a sport. These options increase the candidate’s chances of success at the baccalaureate.

In class 1, candidates must present a TPE (Supervised Personal Project) in groups of two or three students. This is an original personal research project which allows candidates to go into greater depth with an interdisciplinary topic which is associated with the dominant fields in the series selected.