The Winter Campus in Gstaad

From January to March since 1916, Le Rosey has moved up to its winter quarters in Gstaad, one of Europe’s most beautiful mountain villages. The school has its own chalets, allowing students and teachers alike to live and work there. As in Rolle, the boys and young girls live on two separate campuses.

Classes are given here as they are in Rolle, with a few changes: there are classes in the morning only, including on Saturday, with the exception of Thursday when classes are held all day. The other afternoons are reserved for sports on snow and ice! This second winter campus is one of Le Rosey’s distinctive features. In addition to the health benefits of the sun and the mountains, the Gstaad campus gives Rosey students the chance to enjoy an extraordinarily varied academic year.

The facilities at Gstaad


The Gstaad campus allows students to use the Saanenland’s facilities which include swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, ice hockey rinks, bowling, curling, 250km of ski slopes, 120km of cross country ski and snow-shoeing slopes, climbing walls and Via Ferrata set up for climbing. Gstaad is also a magnificent place for mountain expeditions.

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