School Approach & Culture

Strong academics


  • All Rosey students study for an official examination: the International Baccalaureate (the IB) or the French baccalauréat (S. ES or L)
  • All teaching is bilingual, linguistically but also culturally, so that Rosey students understand “Anglo-Saxon” and “continental European” ways of thinking and reasoning.
  • The 120 teachers (for 420 students) are qualified professionals who care for each one of their students: constantly on hand within the boarding houses, they have been at Le Rosey for an average of over ten years.
  • Rosey students can study up to four languages at a time, choosing from among the twenty languages offered.
  • The privileges and obligations associated with life at Le Rosey are directly linked to the effort made and the results achieved.

Developing every talent


  • Le Rosey’s goal is to recognise and develop all the talents of Rosey students using academics, sports, and artistic, humanitarian, environmental and social programmes.
  • The Rosey campus is a heaven for students who are passionate about sports: football and rugby pitches; an athletics track; basketball, beach volleyball and tennis courts; 2 swimming pools; 2 fitness rooms; riding stables; a sailing centre; and many more student facilities.
  • Artistic life is also intense: three orchestras, two choirs, numerous musical ensembles and soloists, three theatre groups, dance, art workshops, photo studios, gastronomy, and more.
  • Rosey students are required, on a daily basis, to take initiative and assume responsibilities, such as leading a group, expressing themselves in public and developing their physical and psychological strengths.
  • Challenges, expeditions and trips are designed for students to better understand their limits as well as to explore the natural world and other cultures.

An exceptional life

  • Two campuses, one in Rolle and the other, for the winter, in Gstaad.
  • An authentically international community which welcomes 420 students from approximately 60 countries, with a balanced geographical distribution, thanks to a strictly respected language and country quota policy.
  • A close-knit community respectful of differences and where adults and children live an intense and rich life at a sustained pace.
  • A unique open-door policy promoting trust and discouraging bullying.
  • A positive and welcoming atmosphere to encourage rapid integration and student autonomy.
  • Demanding yet simple and clear disciplinary practices which establish ethical requirements and give students a sense of responsibility.
  • Festivals, traditions, customs and competitions which strengthen relationships and allow students to express their emotions.

A school for life


  • An attentive and effective team of counsellors assists students with their applications to the most prestigious universities.
  • The Association internationale d’anciens roséens (or AIAR) is a powerful alumni association with an effective network to ensure that each Rosey student has friends and contacts anywhere in the world.
  • A network to introduce Rosey students to universities and which offers them summer job opportunities during their stay at Le Rosey, as well as first jobs and internships during and after their university studies.
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