University Counsellor Visits

Each year, Roséens have several opportunities to learn about their options to study in higher education institutions across the world. Last week Lorna Morris from the University of Warwick visited campus to provide an overview of studying in the UK, her institution and how to apply. Warwick is a popular destination, offering a wide range of degrees. It is particularly known for Business and Economics programs and each year a couple of Roséens will enrol there. Furthermore, as part of our International Festival of Education happening on Friday 24th May, Paul Teulon (formerly Head of recruitment at Oxford and currently Director of Admissions at King’s College London) will join us to talk about how to prepare for successful admission to UK universities.

Ahead of final IB and Bac exams, we are delighted to share the success of provisional offers from Oxbridge and top Russell Group universities, including Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Imperial, Durham, St Andrew’s, Edinburgh and many more. For those pursuing their studies in the US, this year’s admissions list is impressive and includes Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn (including Wharton), Chicago, Duke, Barnard (Columbia), Berkeley, UCLA and NYU amongst several others.