Weekends in theatreland!

This term has seen two weekend theatre trips to London, taking students into the heart of U.K. theatreland for some memorable performances of immersive theatre.

In September, Roséens exchanged plush seats and velvet curtains for the hard benches and makeshift dens of the Calais refugee camps in The Jungle, before donning sequins and tails for an unforgettable evening into the opulent world of The Great Gatsby. An impressive dichotomy of productions, it showed our students the endless possibilities for theatrical direction.

At the end of November, Roséens travelled on their second theatre trip back to London, shortly after the 100th anniversary of the First World War armistice to see The Trench, a play set on the Western Front, along with Agatha Christie’s drama, Witness for the Prosecution, where students were seated in a real London courtroom to watch the performance!

Of course, no theatre trip to London can be complete without visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Roséens were up early on Sunday morning to complete their guided tour of this theatrical landmark, before being back at school in time for study hall on Sunday evening.

London Theatre Trips