The Rosey “Long Weekend”

The Rosey “Long Weekend” is an age-old school tradition bringing together Roseans, parents and hundreds of anciens  who attend academic meetings and enjoy sporting and social events over three intense days.

The highlights:

• A university admissions information and Q & A meeting  with representatives of UPenn, Columbia and Babson College from the USA and Durham and St Andrew’s universities from the UK.

 The Rosey Races for all current students and special competitions for parents and anciens

 Ice Hockey matches between Le Rosey and a team from Tatarstan and between Roseans and Anciens

• The Charity Gala which raised funds for “Better Days for Tomorrow”, an organisation helping refugees in Thessaloniki and where Roseans worked as volunteers in 2016

 The AGM of the AIAR (l’Association Internationale des Anciens Roséens), Le Rosey’s particularly active worldwide alumni association

 A range of competitions, including curling, cross-country skiing and even backgammon.