Make your own scent: Perfume entrepreneurship challenge

Entrepreneurship is strongly encouraged at Le Rosey, with various opportunities for Roseans to conceive, pitch and develop ideas throughout the year, as well as a dedicated Voyage Honneur to Silicon Valley to meet with various start-ups and incubators each autumn. During this term’s Special Week, a task to design a new perfume ignited the creativity of Class 2; 9 groups designed their own scent, brand, bottles and marketing campaigns in an activity combining teamwork, delegation, time management, imagination, creativity and public speaking. These two intensive days of work culminated in a ‘Shark Tank’ pitch session in front of a panel of tough Rosey sharks in the Carnal Hall.

The winning team, whose website, advert, poster, pitch and most importantly, perfume won the sharks over, recognised the challenges of such an activity but also how their teamwork developed over the course of the activity and led them to a successful pitch:
“It was difficult, and at first no one could agree on pretty much anything, but we compromised. Everyone was content with their role in the challenge, so it wasn’t hard to act like a team, plan out deadlines, and give honest criticism. Although there were many challenges, the whole experience was quite fun, and the entire group really enjoyed themselves.”

Make your scent entrepreneurship challengeMake your scent entrepreneurship challenge