October “Voyages Culturels”: Oman

Le Rosey’s Cultural Trips are designed to offer students experiences they would not normally have, and the trip to Oman is particularly true of this.  The accompanying teachers’ report gives some sense of this and why this is a trip to remember:

 “As last year, the highlight was the journey into ‘the Empty Quarter’, where students and teachers stayed in the land of sand-dunes and deep blue skies for two nights. On the second day, they walked, one-by-one, about 3km across the plain, to experience some sense of silence and solitude. In the afternoon they used 4-by-4s to climb another dune where they sat reading or talking in the hot, silent landscape, enjoying the emptiness of it all. On the following day, the group had a simple lunch high above the Arabian Sea at Shaat Cliffs before descending to al-Fazayah beach where they were to spend two more nights sleeping under the moon. Here the group was able to shed two days of dirt in the warm surf, chase crabs, and enjoy the seclusion before some fish with vegetable curry and some nocturnal coastal wandering…”