Netball can be dated back to 1895 where English ladies using broomsticks for posts, and wet paper bags for baskets played a basketball style game on grass. The ball didn’t bounce well, so the game was quickly adapted.

Today, netball is played by more than 20 million people in over 80 countries.

The objective of the game is similar to basketball – to get the ball through the ring more often than your opponent. However, with players only being allowed in specific areas and only 2 out of the 7 players being able to shoot, it truly is a “team sport”.

Netball is fast fun sport, where running, throwing, jumping and catching are all vital skills. A game consists of 4 x 15 min quarters so fitness and endurance are essential too.

Mrs. Hodson introduced the sport to Le Rosey in 2016 as a “fun activity” and now it is not only part of the sports curriculum, but Le Rosey has three different age group teams that regularly compete against other international schools.

Recently, at the Commonwealth Games, England beat Australia to win Gold, and after 20 years of lobbying there is a real belief that Netball will soon become an Olympic Sport – let’s hope so!

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