Flying Solar with Solar Stratos

Roseans visited Payerne airport to meet with one of the most innovative Swiss start-ups of the moment: Solar Stratos, a company dedicated to developing solar planes to explore the upper atmosphere. A combination of science, business and entrepreneurship, this was an exciting moment for Roseans to engage with developing technology. A Rosean in class 1 shared her experience of the visit:

“I was very excited to visit this start up as I am particularly interested in aeroplanes and solar energy. I have been working on a project making a remote controlled solar boat with a few of my friends this term where we had studied about different forms of renewable energy. The visit to the start up was very engaging as we could talk to the project leader directly. Not only did we learn about the solar aeroplane, we learnt about the solar boat which the same group had developed previously. We learnt about the science and engineering behind the product manufacturing and the experience from the group leader. We saw videos on a skydive from the solar plane and a journey around the world on a boat functioning solely on solar energy. The exhilarating experiences were very interesting to watch and discuss! My most important take backs from this session would be using more renewable energy as the planet needs it more. I was also amazed at the evolvement of science in the past century as we learnt about solar energy and its development through the different decades.”

Roseans visit start-up Solar Stratos

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