Rolle – Nyon: Rowing for the Super Trophée 23/53

The final event of the Super Trophée 23/53 for this year’s participating team took place in the spring term on Lac Léman. Roseans rowed from Rolle to Nyon and back to complete the 22km distance that pays tribute to Le Rosey’s title of Swiss rowing champions in 1953. Of all three events that make up the Super Trophée, this event particularly draws upon teamwork to successfully finish not only the individual challenge, but to complete the full series. Though Le Rosey has a dedicated rowing club, not all Roseans who participate have rowed prior to the event; this also offers a fantastic inauguration into the sport and an opportunity to benefit from the school’s proximity to the lake. Well done to all competitors and congratulations on completing this year’s Super Trophée 23/53.

Super Trophée 23/53 rowing

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