Permaculture at Le Rosey – one year on

In May 2020, Le Rosey saw the beginnings of its permaculture garden, a project designed to regenerate local land, sustainably farm produce for the school and create a practical outdoor space for Roseans to learn about the environment. Over the past year, the garden has flourished with over fifty different types of fruit, vegetables and herbs grown organically on the land, as well as being home to a variety of fruit trees, which will in due course yield apples, pears, cherries, kiwis and quince amongst others. The installation of greenhouses for crops to withstand winter and particularly fresh spring temperatures now allows fresh local produce for the school community during as much of the year as possible. Agroforestry, where trees are grown alongside agricultural crops, is also part of the sustainable cultivation process: over thirty additional trees have been planted alongside the edge of the field to aid soil regeneration, support the water cycle, provide natural habitat for local fauna and improve the micro-climate by offering welcome shade during the summer months.

Roseans have interacted with the garden throughout the terms, seeing the land take shape and learning about the process of permaculture and wider topics such as the impact of industrial agriculture and alternative farming methods to promote sustainable agriculture. Working in the garden itself, groups have been able to develop their own small vegetable patches, as well as assisting in the main area, including strawberry picking for a Junior class following by a cooking workshop. The garden offers a beautiful and interactive outdoor environment and developments are ongoing to integrate the garden further into Roseans’ learning in years to come.

Permaculture garden at Le RoseyPermaculture garden at Le Rosey

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