Panel discussion in Amsterdam: The impact of Artificial Intelligence on teaching and learning in the future

Le Rosey presented a panel discussion on: “The impact of Artificial Intelligence on teaching and learning in the future”

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a profound effect on our working lives in the coming decades. Fuelled by big data, AI will help us solve a range of problems. It will help us cure illnesses, create clean energy and build useful and affordable public services. But it will also bring about a huge change in the way we live.

The education sector must be prepared for the imminent impact of artificial intelligence – most importantly on the new skills that will be needed, the integration of AI tools into the education system, the place and role of the teacher as well as of schools themselves as spaces for learning and socialization. These are all issues bringing hopes and begetting fears, inspiring both realistic and far-fetched forecasts, and demanding careful reflection about what kind of future we want.

Our panel was set up to open the debate so that we can better understand the importance of these coming changes; specialists from the world of education and AI will share their own ideas with the audience and then discuss the questions raised by a topic that is so important for our children’s future in an unpredictable world.


April 2019, Amsterdam

With the participation of:

Dr. Jacqueline Brassey 
Director of Enduring Priorities Learning, member of the global LLT at McKinsey & Company. Academic researcher VU Amsterdam. Supervisory Board member at Save the Children – Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Holger Hoos
Professor of machine learning at Leiden University.

Prof. Dr. Jan Bransen
Professor of Philosophy of Behavioural Science at Radboud University, Nijmegen

Prof. Dr. Jelle Jolles
Professor e.m. of Neuropsychology at VU University Amsterdam and director of the Center for Brain & Learning

Mr Philippe Gudin
Director General of Le Rosey from 1980 to 2015

Mr Christophe X. Clivaz
Founder and Director of Swiss Learning

Moderated by: Dieter Möckelmann
CEO Like2Share


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