Honour Trip to the Silicon Valley

00:43AM. Everyone is fast asleep. My computer screen is glowing; the only source of light on the otherwise pitch black airplane. The only sound is coming from either the low hum of the engine or the sound of my mind racing at a hundred miles a minute; I’m not quite sure which. I currently sit on a flight back home from Silicon Valley after the most eye-opening, mind-boggling trip of my life. I have spent the last week peeping into the marvelous minds of entrepreneurs in and around the Bay Area. We had the opportunity to visit many start-ups at entirely varying stages of growth. Some were already incredibly successful and established companies which can no longer be called a ‘start-up’, such as Google X and Jabil. Others were just freshly established, still struggling through the initial steps. We were also incredibly fortunate to visit a couple of venture capital firms and learn about what they each look for in start-ups. To list everything I have learned would take days, maybe weeks. (Lauren, Class 3 student)

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