Gstaad’s Rosey weekend

Le Rosey is celebrating its 100th winter in Gstaad
Serious academic meetings between parents, doyens and teachers, guidance
counsellors and university admissions officers from UCLA, Emory and Cambridge and the Deans of Admissions from Dartmouth College in the USA and King’s College London.
Ski races with excellent snow conditions on the Wasserngrat, and a good serving of raclette in the tent at the bottom of the slopes. Hundreds of Roséens meeting up with their friends in Gstaad restaurants, playing music together at the “Jam in the Alps”, playing ice hockey against current students, taking part in backgammon and curling tournaments, Nearly a thousand parents, anciens, teachers and students coming together under the immense Alpengala Tent for a wonderful event, enlivened by music, dance and speeches, all in favour of Rosey’s future “Ecole des Métiers” in Bamako in Mali.

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