Bookfête 2021: a celebration of reading

Bookfête 2021, the fifth Le Rosey International Book Festival, was organised to celebrate and promote reading and books of all kinds along the theme of reading and mental health. Visiting writers, including Natasha Devon MBE, John Sibi-Okumu, Marianne Chaillan, Alex Wheatle and Alexandre Chardin offered 18 different sessions (or Chapters, as we call them in Bookfête); Le Rosey’s own teachers and Roseans offered another thirty…and that was just in the Senior School. The subjects ranged from broad presentations about the power of books and reading, to specific analyses of bandes dessinées, books about the colour blue and the Bible, ethical GDP, Dante’s Inferno and other horror stories. Le Rosey’s Juniors had their own programme and dressed up as some of their favourite literary characters to participate in a series of activities throughout the day. In the spirit of a festival, lunch was served on the terrace accompanied by the teachers’ band and ideas and discussions from the morning’s activities flourished amongst friends. In the afternoon, more exciting chapters awaited the Rosey community, but not before Roseans, teachers and visiting speakers engaged in a precious 40 minutes of undisturbed reading time: the only time during the year when private reading becomes a public event. As the community scattered across the school’s grounds and silence fell over campus, this was, and remains each year, a special moment to appreciate both our own individual literary interests, and the collective joy of reading.

Le Rosey's BookfêteLe Rosey's Bookfête

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