23/53 Entry Test

A new year, a new group of Class 1 students ready to tackle the Super Trophée 23/53 

Inspired by the anciens who won the Swiss Ice Hockey Champions in 1923 and the Swiss Rowing Champions in 1953, the Super Trophée is made up of 3 major events – the 16km uphill Running Challenge from Rolle to Arzier, the 4164m Breithorn Ascent and Off-Piste Descent, and the 20 km rowing Lake Crossing from Rolle to Yvoire and back. 

23 Roséens participated in the Entry test. Designed to test their endurance and teamwork, the Entry test included an 11 km hike under heavy rain followed by an overnight camping trip near the Léman. 

Despite the weather, all 23 participants passed the test and will take part in the October Running Challenge. Congratulations and good luck! 



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