Training for the Lofoten Islands

This winter, our 12 adventurers have improved their ski-touring skills in preparation for their sailing and skiing trip to the Lofoten Islands of Norway.

After a few tough sessions, they start feeling comfortable and enjoy magnificent outings, alone in the Gstaad landscapes. Enjoying beautiful virgin slopes on the downhill is always an expected reward.
From time to time, Fang and Stella, our ski touring dogs, help to give the students the necessary courage and are always happy to catch a snowball or offer some precious pine cones to the students during the climbs.
Their teachers are proud of them and look forward to enjoying the landscapes of the Far North together.

We take this opportunity to thank Mr. Pesse who organized a superb weekend in a hut in his beautiful native mountains.

Ser Deg Snart!*
* See you soon


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