Naturally Seven

Last week, in a special rentrée event, 900 spectators — over half of them Rosey students and their teachers — were on their feet, dancing singing and clapping to the rhythm of the extraordinary music produced by a group of seven New York musicians, calling themselves, logically enough, Naturally Seven.  These were truly talented artists who seemed able to turn their extraordinary voices to anything: gentle ballads, Phil Collins hits, Coldplay in Gospel style, Rap… But this was not just a cappella but also a “Vocal play” group. They sing (of course) but they also use their voices to imitate the sound of musical instruments, with the singers becoming guitarists, drummers, saxophone players even violinists.  So well do they do this that members of the audience closing their eyes would be hard put to realise that there were no musical instruments on stage.  Roséens loved it and the whole made for an exciting start to the academic year.