Model United Nations (MUN)

With Le Rosey just over 30 kms away from the Palais des Nations, the UN headquarters in Geneva and all its associated organisations, it would be more than remiss if we were not to have our own student Model United Nations.  In fact, it is one of the most popular of Rosey’s clubs and activities with over 30 regulars at the weekly meetings.  This has always been in preparation for an MUN conference elsewhere in Europe, and recently our teachers have chosen Budapest and Lisbon.  In 2015, however, they decided to add to these by opening a small MUN practice event with students from local schools.

Its success was evident and 2016 saw the second Rosey MUN with nearly 100 students from Rosey and elsewhere involved in meetings and corridor negotiations, while others were press officers, event organisers and much else besides.  For those unaccustomed to the UN debate protocols, it can be little short of astounding to hear the procedural complications in action; and the students’ ability to understand and absorb these rules is in many ways even more impressive than their preparation for complex debating issues.

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