A Seminar with St. John’s College, Maryland

Ahead of our US and U.K. university October trips, a group of Roséens had the privilege of participating in a university seminar simulation with President Kanelos of St. John’s College, Maryland. St John’s is unique in the American higher education system and its strong commitment to Socratic inquiry and to the study of original texts makes it a particularly vibrant community of learning. On the evening’s agenda was Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”, which was subjected to close analysis by both teachers and students to deduce different meanings, develop interpretations and stimulate reflection. It was a lively discussion with President Kanelos, who encouraged students to share their ideas, backed up with evidence of course, whilst also challenging their thought process to deepen their understanding of how to approach literary analysis. The session served as the ideal opportunity for Roséens to get a quick taste into a seminar experience and gain greater insight into the fundamentals of a Liberal Arts education from a highly respected American college.

Seminar with St John's College Maryland