Cultural Week in the Juniors

The Juniors’ Cultural Week takes place during Special Week in the spring term at Le Rosey and usually proposes international European trips to complement their academic courses. This year, though classes remained in Switzerland due to travel restrictions, an exciting programme of local Swiss visits made for varied activities that followed different aspects of their core curriculum. For class 6, split into two groups for English- and French-speaking students, the focus was regional history, visiting the Gruyère, Jura, Morat and Neuchâtel regions to participate in activities from cheesemaking to blacksmithing, visiting local Roman sites and a Middle Ages Day exploring medieval ramparts. Class 7 had a mini-tour of Switzerland, including visits to Swiss artisans and cultural museums and workshops. Discovering local animals was the principal theme for classes 8 and 9 with a diverse programme of visits to farms, museums and gardens to learn about the native wildlife. What a truly enjoyable discovery week for all Juniors!

Juniors Cultural Week Class 6Juniors Cultural Week Classes 7,8 and 9