Gabriela Montero: workshop and concert

Ahead of the official opening of Rosey Concert Hall’s 7th Season with world-renowned pianist Gabriela Montero, Roseans had the opportunity to listen to her speak about her life as a concert pianist, composer and improviser. They were also able to ask questions about the crisis in Venezuela and how she, as a musician, is trying to help people there, emphasising how great a role the Arts play in addressing and communicating world issues. Gabriela is a humble musician and it was a real pleasure to have such an open discussion with her in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Later that evening, a stunning programme of Prokofiev and Rachmaninov followed by Gabriela’s exceptional talent for improvisation made for a truly memorable and unique opening of Rosey Concert Hall’s Renaissance. Asking the audience for inspiration, she listened to the examples sung by students and members of the public, developing instantly her own interpretation around the chosen motifs.

Gabriela Montero at Rosey Concert Hall