ISTA Musical Mashups Festival

At the start of November, seven of Rosey’s keen singers and actors joined about 33 students from other local schools at Ecolint for an ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) Festival focused on musicals. Over an intense period of 11 hours, the students collaborated with each other and with the 2 UK-based ISTA experts, Matt Douglas (music) and Christina Fulcher (choreographer), to produce a 15-minute long mash-up of extracts of songs from musicals in chronological order. The first song, performed with tap-dancing, singing and movement was from Cole Porter’s 1930s “Anything Goes” and the musical theatre enthusiasts continued through the decades culminating with short extracts from “Hamilton”, “Come From Away” and “Hades Town”. Energy was high, singing strong and the final immersive production for friends and family was a very impressive outcome after such a short amount of time!




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