143rd rentrée scolaire

Dedicated to fostering new friendships and settling into Rosey life, the 143rd Rentrée scolaire had a packed weekend programme for nouveaux and actuels alike.  

The festivities began with a phenomenal show by Morcheeba, an English electronic band known for their soulful trip-hop sound. The group launched the Rosey Concert Hall’s 9th season and set the tone of what to expect from this year’s events. 

The Week-end de Connaissance traditions continued with Roseans participating in activities like hiking, paddling, canyoning, and zip-lining around Switzerland to create their first memories of the term together. 

Finally, the Tournoi de Connaissance closed the weekend on a high note with beach volleyball, beach soccer, basketball, and football matches. No rentrée is complete without a little friendly competition! 

Looking forward to everything the 143rd school year has ahead of us. 




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