Welcome to Le Rosey!

Explore a school, rich in history as told by thousands of alumni across the globe, deeply attached to their Rosey friends and their school.


The 420 students at Le Rosey are boarders whose academic year is shared between two campuses: a magnificent manorial estate in Rolle and, in the winter, chalets in the charming ski resort of Gstaad.


They all sit the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or French bac after an education during which they have the choice of studying subjects in either English or French, without losing the opportunity of learning two or even three other foreign languages.

Students live in an international community to which everyone contributes through their own language, culture or religion. For Rosey students, the world quickly becomes a village populated by friends.


Every day, students participate in a wide variety of sports and arts, assume positions of responsibility in clubs and take up many new activities which allow them to discover and hone their talents.


The culture at Le Rosey is one of passion for values grounded in the history of a school founded in 1880: friendship and solidarity among Rosey students and their teachers, self-respect and respect for others, intelligent discipline, courage to face challenges and a willingness to overcome them.

We hope you enjoy discovering life at Le Rosey – a life which you may one day share…