Wood Wide Web

This term, the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall has seen the installation of The Wood Wide Web, an exhibition centred around the communication between trees and produced by a Rosey Science teacher and exhibition commissioner, Mme Durlot. The Wood Wide Web features five principal areas of investigation – Forest for us, Fungi talk, Forest Dynamics, Friend or Foe and Forest Art and has gathered several elements from Lausanne and Geneva’s natural and geological museums. It has involved the work of students, teachers, artists, landscapers and scientists who have all contributed to its content.

A few weeks into its opening, Le Rosey celebrated a Forest and climate day: we had the pleasure of welcoming famous tropical botanist, Professor Hallé, forest communication specialist and forest technician, Professor Zurcher, and Terre & Humanisme, an association who promote permaculture. Together, they delivered a conference followed by a round table discussion to help us understand the current state of the world’s forests and the different approaches that we can take to solving major environmental issues facing the world today.

Wood Wide Web 1Wood Wide Web