Le Rosey’s first virtual Assembly

This term is already proving to be one of many new experiences at Rosey and continues with the school’s first ever virtual Assembly. Over 350 participants joined the live broadcast to listen in to important announcements led by Mr Gudin, members of the Comité, students and teachers.

Amongst updates: MUN will continue this term under a new online format, allowing students from different time zones to still participate; Poetry Alive will take place for the first time in a virtual format, with student submissions ahead of time, but with the jury deliberating during the live broadcast. Although students haven’t been able to return to campus, work continues in abundance, with ongoing renovations to our sports infrastructure, most notably to our tennis courts and swimming pools; classrooms are indeed much quieter, but still serve as the backdrop for virtual lessons, providing students with familiarity and normality during their Distance Learning; though the doors of Rosey Concert Hall are shut to the public, music still flourishes within its walls, as demonstrated by this morning’s musical interlude and the continuation of over 250 private music lessons given by video to pupils each week; and of course, the Sports Department are keeping students moving with weekly check-ins and videos to support physical fitness from afar.

This collective experience served as a helpful reminder that we are all in this together and, that even without the bustle of 500 people congregating on a Monday morning in the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall, Rosey spirit remains untinctured during these uncertain times.

Bonne semaine à tous et à toutes !

Click below to watch a short video from Mme Peynon: