University Guidance Evening

The 2019 Rosey Races are in the history books, but the long weekend isn’t solely defined by the winter sports and fierce competition on the slopes. The Guidance Office has, for many, many years, welcomed colleagues from universities around to world to meet with Class 2, 1 and T students for workshops and informal sessions taking place during the long weekend. This year, we welcomed Brown University, The University of Bath, The University of Chicago, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and The University of Sussex. Throughout Thursday, Roséens had the chance to investigate the prospects and opportunities that these world-class universities provide, and small group sessions allowed students to ask questions, probe ideas and to walk away with a better understanding of entry requirements, degree programs and extra-curricular offerings available. Following the day with students, parents were invited to join a panel discussion with the representatives, to learn more about the state of higher education in the UK, USA and Switzerland. Many parents benefited from the chance to speak individually to the representatives and learn more. This annual program has proved very helpful to Roséens, as they research and explore their options for university. Plans for the 2020 University Summit are already underway.