Théâtre aux Jardins du Rosey

Roséens have the immense good fortune to be able to see great musicians and actors without leaving the campus. In June,Théâtre aux Jardins festival provides the opportunity to see great drama in modern productions. Victor Hugo’s cruel Mary Tudor, a winter evening spent in a doll’s house in Norway (Ibsen’s Une Maison de poupée), a misanthropist in love with a coquette (Molière’s Le Misanthrope), affairs of the heart in the game of Love and Chance (Le jeu de l’amour et du hasard  by Marivaux) and Figaro’s insolence when confronted by the high and mighty (Le Mariage de Figaro by Beaumarchais). And to set the ball rolling, Francis Huster in Le Théâtre de ma Vie.  Parents are more than welcome to join us to discover these great classics. For further details see