TEDx Spark

Institut Le Rosey’s fourth TEDx event on November 5 was arguably the best yet and remarkably professional thanks to the work of the TEDx and tech team. Its theme was “Spark”, inspired by the fact that 411 years ago, on 5 November 1605, conspirator Guy Fawkes was just a spark away from blowing up the English Parliament. Five outside speakers – Unni Turrettini, Ben Okri, Louie Psihoyos, Lama Al Sulaiman and Nick Danziger – spoke about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, our “secret stories”, mass murder in Norway, preservation of the oceans and the common humanity captured in photos across the world. Complementing them were two excellent student speakers, Bea and Varun, who spoke about happiness and education. Videos of the event will soon be up on YouTube.

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