TEDx Institut Le Rosey

What do an Oscar-winning film-maker, a Nigerian Booker Prize-winning author, women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, North Korean photo-journalism and the psychology of a Norwegian mass-murderer all have in common? Find out at Institut Le Rosey’s fourth TEDx event, organised by Rosey students following the popular TEDx formula.


An exciting speaker line-up will include photographer Nick Danziger, Saudi businesswoman and politician Lama Al Sulaiman, famous novelist and poet Ben Okri, writer and crime psychologist, Unni Turrettini and Oscar-winning film-maker and photographer, Louie Psihoyos.


The “E” in TED stands for “entertainment” and the day will certainly be enjoyable and stimulating, but this is also an educational event.  In accordance with TEDx rules and guidelines, students have contacted the speakers, organised the day, found sponsors, created the advertising and worked on the budget, which they are confident will balance!  Tickets (at 30CHF) can be purchased through the Rosey Concert Hall website https://www.roseyconcerthall.ch/en/event/tedx-hors-abonnement/