Super trophée 23/53 entry test

At the end of the 1923/24 season, Le Rosey’s ice hockey team, composed of 3 students and 4 teachers, won the title of Swiss champion. Two additional titles in 1921 and 1925 added to this series of unique achievements for a school.

In 1953, the Le Rosey rowing team composed of 4 rowers and a cox, became Swiss rowing champion after a competition on Lake Rotsee.
The Super Trophée 23/53 was created to commemorate our Swiss national victories in 1923 and 1953 in ice hockey and rowing, whilst also highlighting the commendable performance of our students in three traditional sports at Le Rosey.

The three major events that Roséens must complete to win the Super Trophée 23/53 are:

  • 17.5km race between Morat and Fribourg
  • Breithorn Ascent – a ski touring climb up to 4.164m above Zermatt
  • 30km Lac Leman crossing between Rolle and Geneva on traditional skiffs

A challenging entry test took place in October, selecting the team of boys and girls who will participate in the first edition of the event this year.