Printmaking Club at Le Rosey

Le Rosey’s art and design facilities are extensive in the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall, with students able to work in various media including using 3-D printing machines and laser cutters. Each week, Roseans work with a local artist, to develop their screenprinting technique at the Printmaking Club, designing and printing various pieces including paper prints, textiles and clothing according to their own creativity and inspiration. Though the printing process is straightforward, the design concept is the most time-consuming, experimenting and deciding on the different choices of mesh, paint or ink, colours and colouring technique to achieve the desired end result.

One Rosean in Class 1 taking Art at higher level for the IB speaks about her own project:
“I wanted to reflect my own internationalism with my art, capturing my identity through an artistic technique that I love. I have taken inspiration from my own three identities, Swiss, Brazil and American, basing my design on identity cards that I have from these different nationalities. This triptych is further supported by my choice of colours, starting with the primary colours and then secondary colours to continually reinforce the idea of a group of three.”

Printmaking at Le RoseyRoseans show their creations at printmaking club