Poetry Alive: an outdoor recital by the Château

A human being, a poem, a stage, an audience. In its ‘Vagabond Spirit’, poetry offers, now more than ever, the opportunity to connect with our community and remind us that we are very much part of a ‘Human Chain’ of consciousness.

Embracing a later moment in the calendar this June, Poetry Alive relocated to an appropriately bucolic setting by the Chateau, where Roseans from every class recited poems during the late spring evening. From the reverent optimism of Derek Mahon’s “Everything is Going to be All Right”, through a beautifully measured recital of Donne’s “Death Be Not Proud”, via Shakespeare and Whitman to the irreverent seriousness of Adcock’s “Smokers For Celibacy”, the evening was a celebration of the power and beauty of verse. The confidence, sensitivity and communication delivered by Roseans made for a special occasion and an exceptionally tough decision for teacher judges.

Poetry Alive Poetry Recital at Le RoseyPoetry Alive Poetry Recital at Le Rosey