Rosey Students Celebrate Excellent IB and French bac Results

Le Rosey still insists that all students without exception must sit a complete official external diploma, the IB or the French bac. There is no easier alternative track, which makes July 5 – results day –  a nervous occasion for everyone, particularly those depending on good scores for their UK university places. It is a tense wait after the excitement of graduation, even for those with their US places secure.

So it was that this year at 9.00, in brilliant sunshine, the French bac results were announced and the diplomas presented. Although the cohort was small with only 5 Bac S students, the results were exceptional: three students obtained a mention bien (14/20 or more) and two a mention très bien (16/20 or more).

IB Diploma results in the afternoon were equally good: 14 students (over 20%) achieved between 40 and 45 points and a further 25 (36%) obtained between 36 and 39. Particular congratulations are due to Ekaterina who is off to Yale with the maximum 45 points, an achievement reserved in 2016 for only 0.03% of candidates across the world.  Well done also to the students who obtained their scores for LSE, Oxford, UCL, Imperial, Durham, St Andrews, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

The average score (converting French bac scores) was just over 36.3 points. (The IB average was exactly 36 points)

For ease of reference, the table below converts bac scores out of 20 to their IB equivalent.