Up, up and away!

The High Altitude Balloon project has finally come to an end at Rosey after a year’s worth of after school sessions. Thanks to the work and design of the project’s three most dedicated students, the balloon was launched on Sunday 16th June in a field outside Essertines-sur-Rolle. It accelerated quickly upwards until the air resistance forces balanced the uplift force to reach an average velocity of 5m/s! As its altitude increased, the pressure outside the balloon gradually increased, resulting in the balloon’s volume expanding. At approximately 25,000m it popped! With no uplift, gravity pulled the payload cameras to the Earth, but fortunately the parachute almost instantaneously engaged and it fell at a gentle pace.

We initially received its location over the lake and having received no update an hour after, little hope remained of retrieving the balloon. However, just as we started to drive back to school, communication came in with its GPS location nearby. After negotiating with the local farmer, bypassing a very energetic bull, the dear balloon, cameras and parachute made it safely back to Rosey.

High Altitude BalloonHigh Altitude Balloon launch