2019-2020 Student Comité Welcome

One of the principal roles of Le Rosey’s student comité is to welcome new students at the start of the September term. To help them prepare for their first official task of the academic year, the comité are invited to a lakeside dinner with the General Director just before the new arrivals begin at Rosey. In fact, preparation goes back to March of the previous academic year when the comité is named and their work begins. All 20 members are elected at the end of the Gstaad term by Roséens themselves with no staff intervention or vetoes. The elections take place after each candidate has given what is often an emotional speech to their peers. One of the principal election pitches and policies of many candidates this year was the importance of how new students are welcomed to Rosey. A friendly and supportive face can make all the difference and that may be why this year’s comité helped out at the rentrée with such energy and aplomb – all highly appreciated by our newest students and their families.

“This year’s committee hopes to bring comfort and hospitality to our new students, and to continue doing things differently to committees in the past, with our new events such as the climbing of the château on Ascension Day, but also carrying on student traditions like the iconic White Sensation disco. This all, of course with the intention of serving as role models and representatives of the school.” Committee Presidents, 2019-2020

Committee Dinner