Almost four years to the day after its inaugural concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rosey Concert Hall took another dramatic step forward on Friday 5th October with its first opera. Le Grand Théâtre de Genève brought its production of Bizet’s Carmen to Le Rosey.

Giving Roséens the chance to experience opera at first hand has been a long-standing project of the school, and this was a superb opportunity since there is no more approachable and enjoyable work than Bizet’s 1875 masterpiece. Packed with memorable melodies, strong characters, a dramatic story and themes that still resonate today, all in an exotic setting, it was no surprise that many students found that what can appear the most forbidding of artistic media is also the most compelling. They were treated to a fine production, excellent acting and a memorable Carmen. Héloïse Mas in the title role did full justice to the passion and independence of the heroine, although most impressive of all perhaps was the superb performance of the chorus and orchestra (the OSR) under the direction of John Fiore.