Cadets Talent Show Spring Term

The “Cadets” Talent Show, the second of the year, was a resounding success and served to highlight, in addition to the performing talents of Roseans, the Service Learning projects that the “Cadets” have been developing all across this term. Five performances, a variety of solos, duets and groups, took to the stage of the Carnal Hall for a musical evening that was watched live by peers and streamed across to the Juniors. In between each performance, videos were projected from each of the Service Learning groups to demonstrate the work that they have achieved this term in collaboration with various international and local organisations, including clothing and food drives, improving sustainability on campus, community art and supporting farmers in the Jura. This is an event entirely organised by the “Cadets“, who are involved in the organising of the full evening, including auditions, programming, internal advertising to the Rosean community and assisting with the technical production in rehearsals and on the evening itself; always enjoyable, it celebrated the plethora of talents amongst the Rosey community demonstrated daily in class, on stage and behind the scenes.

Cadets' Talent ShowCadets' Talent Show