Le Rosey’s 3rd Bookfête

Now in its third year, this edition of Le Rosey’s Bookfête saw the whole school once again honour the pleasure of reading, welcoming several international guests to campus for a fantastic day of literature study and celebration.

On the main stage Akala, globally renowned historian, scholar, hip hop artist and rap MC, opened and closed the day with thought-provoking, interactive and engaging presentations. Students also experienced insightful, discursive sessions with Cambridge poetry and science fiction expert Dr John Lennard. Celebrated Children’s authors Marie-Aude Murail and Rupert Wallis spoke about their writing process and Simon Singh delved into the correlations between Mathematics and The Simpsons following the publication of his latest book.

From Persian Poetry and Extreme Skiing to la 9ème Art, Literary Speed-dating, Reading in the Dark and Stephen King, our teachers also took their audiences, students and colleagues alike, on tours of their own literary pursuits.

But as always, some of the most valuable contributions at Bookfête come from our students. The students’ “Chapters” focused on work written in neither English nor French and offered fellow Roséens an introduction to works by Tolstoy, Murakami, Levi, Gil Vicente, Liu CiXin and many more.